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    If you're having trouble dropping off to sleep after 20 mins, stand up and do quiet activity until you feel sleepy. Otherwise, more complications will arise, and it will probably be very challenging to get away with the drug. The most common side effects of Zolpidem tartrate include dizziness, headache and intense sleepiness. Aside from the above mentioned connection between generic Ambien, it could possibly also cause hallucinations both in vision and hearing, extroversion, agitated behavior or aggressiveness, and abnormal thinking. The half-life of Sonata is simply one hour, the shortest of all the non-benzodiazepine sleep aids.

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    In fact, the National Institutes of Health internet site says that older adults have reached increased risk of magnesium deficiency on account of their decreased capacity to absorb the mineral. Reports from authorities declare that Andy Irons didn't die of "Dengue Fever" as originally reported, but rather a potential drug overdose. It ended up I had asked for a clear plastic bag. If you are using another medicines which might be depressants of the CNS, then the end results of Ambien and Ambien CR could possibly be increased, so let a medical expert know if you're taking some other CNS depressants before taking Ambien or Ambien CR. There are a lot of unusual behaviors observed among patients taking Ambien.

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